Public meetings on Moore St project

There are two public meetings coming up where the VPNA will likely testify on the Moore St project. The first is the ACHD Commission meeting tomorrow night, Wednesday July 27 at 6pm. The ACHD will decide whether it will allow an extension of 32nd St to Whitewater Park Blvd. The second is a meeting of City of Boise Planning and Zoning this Monday, August 1 at 6pm. City of Boise P & Z will decide whether to approve or deny the project. If it is approved, it will be sent to the Boise City Council for approval. Individuals can also testify at both meetings. Please arrive a few minutes early if you’d like to sign up to testify.

3 thoughts on “Public meetings on Moore St project

  1. Are there any updates regarding the appeal of the Sand Hill Crane apartments at 32nd and Moore>

  2. Initially the ACHD and City of Boise Planning and Zoning commission both approved the project. However, neighbors appealed both decisions. Recently the ACHD accepted the appeal and decided not to connect 32nd street to Whitewater Blvd. This connection was a major part of the project.

  3. Here’s the reality of putting a low-income housing project next to middle income houses. I live in the Kelly Creek Subdivision, and we have lower cost apartments built to the west of our house. When we were looking at this area, the apartments were new, and the crime rate statistics online for this area were low. This summer we had a rash of car break-ins, and it turns out it was a group of juveniles from that apartment complex. They were caught, but the reality is that middle-class income homes are sometimes targets for kids who feels deprived or underprivileged. Putting something like the Sandhill Crane Apartments next to higher income homes is a big mistake. I know Obama is pushing for this, but Boise needs to re-evaluate this move.

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