VPN planning and developments

Change is coming—let your voice be heard!

There are many projects underway in the Veterans’ Park Neighborhood that will have a significant impact. The VPNA wants to make sure the changes increase our property values and improve our quality of life. The VPNA board strives to be a voice of neighbors and residents during this planning processes. Ultimately, we are all responsible for making sure the city knows what we want our neighborhood to look like in the future. This page is intended to link you to information about these projects and provide you ways to let your voice be heard.

Esther Simplot Park

Esther Simplot Park is a 55-acre park that is in active construction. It will soon feature fishing and swimming ponds, trails, docks, wetlands, boardwalks, shelters, grassy open areas, a playground, bridges and restrooms.The park will be located in along Whitewater Park Boulevard with the main entrance being at the end of Stewart Street.

Main and Fairview corridor

The city has rezoned Main and Fairview streets between 23rd street and the river for higher density. See this article for some information. (Note: the rezoning has been approved since the writing of that article.) The College of Western Idaho recently purchased land in this area to hopefully build its Boise campus. The Boise west end website is a great source of information for developments in this area.

State street corridor

A transit study has been conducted involving the state street corridor north of Veteran’s Park neighborhood. The Ada County Highway District (ACHD) is also planning major changes for the following intersections along state street: State & Collister and State & Veterans Memorial Parkway & 36th St. Expect more news coming from these projects in the future!

30th Street Extension

The ACHD has built a new transportation corridor through our neighborhood from State Street to Main Street. This route improves access to the new parks and eases traffic between State and the connector. The road is only one part of a bigger 30th Street Master Plan which proposes an Urban Renewal District. In connection with this project, 27th street was also changed. It is now two lanes with three signalized crossings, bike lanes, a 25 mph speed limit, and increased parking.

Boise River Park

The stretch of the Boise River near Quinn’s Pond has been developed into a whitewater park for kayaking. Construction began in the Spring of 2010 and the first whitewater feature was installed in 2012. Read more…

Blueprint Boise

The Planning & Zoning Commission recommended approval to the City Council of Blueprint Boise, the City’s draft comprehensive plan on May 10, 2010. Since that time, the draft plan was updated to include their recommendations and the Planning & Zoning Commission recommended draft was distributed to the City Council for review. The City Council has been holding weekly worksessions to review the draft document. No public hearing date has been established, but check back to soon for updates!

Public comment can be provided by email at blueprintboise@cityofboise.org. Comments will be included in the public record for consideration by the City Council. Thank you for your continued participation in Blueprint Boise!