Historic West End trail

Learn about the history, architecture and cultural diversity of the West End neighborhood by walking the roughly three mile West End Trail. The trail guide is available for printing from the the Boise Arts and History web site. A hard copy trail guide can be obtained from the VPNA or city hall.

Also be sure to check out the interpretive signs at each end of the trail! The first is in Fairview Park, the second is on the greenbelt at the pedestrian bridge to Garden City (near the whitewater park).

History of the trail

In March 2011, VPNA won a Boise City Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant for almost $16,000 to construct an interpretive walking trail from the greenbelt near Pleasanton Street to Fairview Park on 23rd Street. These endpoints are anchored by interpretive signs and linked together by trail markers attached to the sidewalk. In October 2012, VPNA won a second grant of $4,000 to pay for the production of a trail guide for the walking trail with a map and information about specific properties and locations along the route. The trail was completed in the fall of 2013 and a ribbon cutting party was held at Fairview Park to commemorate the trail and celebrate the Boise 150. Thanks to everyone that made this project a reality!

Our goals for the Trail

  • Offer a novel way for residents and visitors to explore our neighborhood’s history, architectural charm and cultural diversity
  • Connect our neighborhood across Whitewater Park Blvd to the new parks and the river
  • Strengthen our neighborhood’s identity as the “West End”

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