Join the board

We’re always looking for new energy on the VPNA board to continue making this neighborhood a great place to live. Currently, as of September 2015, we are looking to fill the following positions:

  • Representatives for all sub-neighborhoods except Pleasanton and Veterans Park East (see map). Each of the nine sub-neighborhoods can have up to two voting representatives on the board.

List of current board members

If you’re interested in serving in one of the open positions, please review the VPNA position descriptions for more information.

(VPNA’s monthly meetings are open to all area residents—so please feel free to attend even if you don’t wish to be a board member at this time.)

Board members work on a volunteer basis. The time commitment of being a board member is mostly up to the individual. At a minimum board members are expected to attend most monthly board meetings. Beyond that how much you are involved is left open to personal choice. Some possibilities of ways individuals may want to be involved include:

  • Representing VPNA on a CCDC sub-committee, connect to some portion of the 30th St plan implementation.
  • Getting a [blank] built in our neighborhood. Examples include community center, sports stadium, whitewater park, intrepretive walking trail, playground, etc…
  • Helping with fundraising to pay for our website and community events.
  • Organizing neighborhood get-togethers.
  • Writing grants.
  • Starting a community garden.

If you are interested in becoming a board member please come to the next meeting or send us an email at