Willow Lane Park Tennis Court Conversion to Pickleball Courts

Boise Parks and Recreation is considering converting the 2 existing tennis courts at Willow Lane Park into pickleball courts. This project will entail moving and adding some nets and painting some new lines; but will all occur within the existing footprint of the tennis courts. Pickleball courts are smaller than traditional tennis courts, so they can accommodate 4 pickleball courts within the same area as 2 tennis courts.


Pickleball is a sport that has been steadily growing in our community, and because the existing tennis courts are in need of refurbishment, it presents the City with excellent opportunity to provide for additional pickleball court needs in this area of town. Boise Parks and Recreation is reaching out to you to see if you would like to provide any feedback on their proposal.  If there are no issues, they will look at doing the work this summer.

For any other information, comments, or questions please contact Trevor Kesner at tkesner@cityofboise.org or (208) 608-7624.


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