Saturday is last chance to install trail markers (click title to read full text)

This Saturday is the last chance to install West End Trail markers. We especially need extra help this week. Sadly 16 out of almost 100 markers laid last week were ripped up before the adhesive dried. Aaarrggghh!!!!

We’ve got enough extra markers to try again – may good triumph over evil! Come show your support!

Meet on Saturday Oct 5 at Fairview Park at 10am or 1pm. All ages are welcome. Please RSVP to so we know you’re coming.

Wear work clothes and bring a shovel as some markers are being placed on concrete pavers. Sod will need to be removed to get the paver level with the grass. Most markers just require applying the adhesive and pressing them down.

If you can’t make it, please keep an eye out while the adhesive dries. If you see suspicious activity, please call Boise Police or Jeff Anderson at 608-2385. The police are already aware of last week’s vandalism.

Finally a big thank you to last week’s volunteers! Toby, Remi, Ben, Jess, Caleb, Eden, Jonah, Darcy, Noah, Lucy, Kyle, Brian, Hadley, Bob, Elinor and Toni.

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