Neighborhood Housing Services looking for new board members

Neighorhood Housing Services (NHS) is looking for two new board members to represent the interests of low-moderate income families in our community. NHS is best known for organizing Rake Up Boise and Paint the Town Boise , but they also provide affordable housing, home lending, foreclosure prevention, etc… These board positions need to be filled by August 1.  These board members must fulfill one of the following requirements…

  • A low-income resident of Boise (earning 80% or less of the median income). Please refer to the chart attached.
  • A resident of a low-income neighborhood in Boise (if you have an individual in mind, tell me their address and I’ll check to see if it qualifies)
  • An elected representative of a low-income neighborhood organization within Boise (in this case, we’ll need a copy of a signed resolution from the neighborhood organization naming the individual as their representative)

If interested contact:
Neighborhood Housing Services, 1401 Shoreline Drive Suite 200, Boise, ID 83702
Phone:         (208) 343-4065

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