Construction of River Recreation Park Begins

 The Planning and Zoning Commission Monday night approved a river system permit for the first phase of the whitewater park, which will include widening the river bank and replacing of the Thurman Mill Diversion. A spokeswoman for Boise Parks and Recreation tells us that crews will begin preparing the site Tuesday. The Greenbelt will be closed as early as Wednesday when construction would begin.

 The permit allows for clearing and excavation of the river bank at the site and for improvements associated with the replacement of the Thurman Mill Diversion and construction of the first phase of the park. The future park site is located near 3400 W. Pleasanton Ave. west of downtown Boise between Main Street and Veteran’s Memorial Park.

During the five-month construction project, the Greenbelt will be closed on the north side of the river from Main Street to the Pleasanton spur and the 36th Street pedestrian bridge. Signs mark a pedestrian detour around the construction zone.  At more than 100 years old, the existing Thurman Mill diversion is in serious disrepair. Over the years, the structure has created a public safety hazard resulting from a dangerous hydraulic situation at most river flows. The project includes replacement of the aging diversion and construction of a new fully automated structure that will allow for in-river recreation activities.

To take advantage of low water in the Boise River, crews are scheduled to work 10-hour days from 7 a.m. to 6p.m. six days a week, Mondays through Saturdays, for up to three months. Construction may be noisy and require lighting for after-hours work. Improvements will include widening of the river bank, which also will be heavily armored to add stability and reconfigured to allow the public to sit and observe the river and the users of the water park.

In other news… boulders from Bogus Basin will be used in River Park

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